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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Good afternoon world! I woke up exceptionally early as I could not miss out on a perfect weather! Cool breeze has been drifting through my windows and the sunlight is faint outside. The rain had just stopped when I opened my eyes this morning. I made tea, put on a movie and sank into my couch with a cozy blanket. It is only 1 pm in the afternoon but I already watched 2 Christmas movies, wrapped my sister's birthday present, made a small painting, packed my wardrobe (kind of), changed my bed sheets and showered. That's how early I rose and it was the best morning I had for a while.
Now I am writing at my desk with a some exciting things to share.

Celebrating The Success Of Others

This month my sister's interview was published on Brand Minds, subsequent to a recent Forbes interview. My sister quit her job merely 3 years ago, now she is co-founder of LadyBoss Asia where women/entrepreneurs empower each other through networking events and panels, a marketing expert and a creative. I'm a proud sista and I can't wait for more great things to come up!

Visit the Ladyboss blog:
Read interview of successful people, business tips and marketing tools for your business and blogs.

At the same time, my talented cousin finally launched her cake business on facebook and instagram. Honest to God, she is one of the best home bakers in Singapore, I used to order birthday cakes from different home bakers but none taste as good as hers. She is also the first in Singapore to make glossy/galaxy cakes!

Check out her creations by clicking on the cute little baker below!

Review: A Man Called Ove 

I should warn you to avoid read this book's ending in public because you'd want to shed a tear, or a couple. If you're looking for something heartwarming, you need to read this. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside the entire time.The kind of book you read over and over again and you smile to yourself because of the kind of person Ove is and how sometimes, random strangers can change your life. 5/5 stars from me! 

Travelling Again!

I am so freaking excited to be in Seoul a second time in October! Right now, we are still looking up cool places to visit. If you have any recommendations, feel free to let me know. And of course, I can't wait to be back and blogging about it.

<< My first time in Seoul HERE >>

That's all I have to share for today, Hope everyone is having an awesome week!!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

The weekend is waning again but I've had quite a productive Sunday.  The plan was to go hiking at 8 am but I overslept drastically. With a gap to fill, I decided to go plant shopping. I have never owned a potted plant bigger than palm size so I am super happy with my buy today, I got 2 medium size potted plants and some palm leaves (I think that's what they're called) for only $36. Bonus: My mother didn't even nag about having to water them. After settling my plants in their homes, we went for a swim followed by a sinful lunch. I watched "little evil" on Netflix too but didn't like it as much as I thought I would.

Plant 1: Boston Fern

Plant 2: Agloanema/Chinese Evergreen 
I picked this one because it has so much pink in it and it is super vibrant.

Plant 3: Palm Leaves (I lodged 'em into my fake plant, lookin' hybrid AF)

That's all of it! Back to the corporate battlefield tomorrow.
Hope everyone is having a glorious Sunday!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Hi Everybody! We finally tried our first trampoline workout on Friday and it was so much fun. I haven't worked out this much in at least 4 years, I was dizzy and my legs were jelly, my mind was in a whirl but at the end, I felt reinvigorated.After our workout we sat at Starbucks for at least an hour before concussing at home. 10/10 would recommended trampoline workouts for lazy girls.

Today, I forced myself to de-clutter my pig sty of a room and made a simple painting for my room, I found an art frame in my sister's room (she's moved out) but I didn't like the art in it so I decided to make one myself.I started off by deciding on a color scheme, 3 colors and 1 gold. I limited myself to only 1 dark colour because I wanted something cheerful and lurid. This is super easy, just dab your brushes all over the paper and that's it!

So that's my weekend, finally checked a few things off my to-do list.
Till next week!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Good morning world, I am feeling extra productive today so I picked up my phone and captured my favorite things I got this month.Not gonna lie I felt a bit guilty when I gathered everything and realized how much I actually got. Some pieces I got online, others in the mall.


1. Off-shoulder top : Editor's Market
2. Denim Jeans: Taobao
3. Bucket Bag: Taobao
4. Grey suede mules: Taobao
5. Sunglasses: Factorie

I've been into off-shoulder tops lately because they are very easy to match and flattering for my shape. The brown bucket bag has to be DEE absolute favorite thing I got, it is super soft, it's light and I can fit so many things in there. Another winning buy is the grey mules, it just alleviates your outfit.

6. Aztec Jacket: Bimba Y Lola
7. Blue Jacket: Taobao
8. Black Boots: Taobao

I got the Aztec printed jacket at half-price ($150) , it is extremely comfortable even though you can't tell but it wraps around me like a cozy blanket in the office. The blue jacket is for days when I feel a bit rebellious, I would wear it with just a white shirt and denim shorts.
I have already worn the black boots at least 5 times since I got it. A gorgeous pair of shoes is all you need sometimes.

Books of the month: I forgot the price of these books but they were under $13 each from book depository ( . I buy most of my books from the website because they have really great offers and free shipping. I am almost done with "All the light we cannot see" and it has one of the best books I've read this year. My sister finished it in two days so that is how you know it's a good book.

Living Proof hair oil from Sephora at $56 SGD

It is a little bit pricing but it should last me awhile because with hair oils you only need to apply coin size amount otherwise your hair is going to look really greasy. I recommend this to people with frizzy hair because not only does it smell HEAVENLY, it works in an instant. It is travel size so you can carry it with you in a small bag.

And that's all of my August favourites.
Hope you liked it as much as I do, byeee!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Voila, this is paradise on earth- 4 days 3 nights in Maldives, Cocoa Island.
Our accommodation at Coca Island belongs to COMO hotels.

This is our beautiful loft ! I have never been in a more beautiful resort in my life. Bathroom as big as my living room and a bathtub which my toes cannot meet the end of. A short wooden ladder at the edge of our wooden deck leads straight into the sea so clear, every stone and fish can be seen from above.

Our bedroom upstairs. The coziest place to be, just thinking about it makes me miss it SO much.
Falling asleep to crash waves? Yes please.

Three things I brought with me everywhere on the island:
A hat
A straw bag carrying sunglasses, sunblock and a book.
A pair of sandals.

Complementary breakfast off the menu. So decadent!

Caption: When you are far away from everybody's bullshit. hehe

Dark clouds blanketing the sky, we were spared half a rainbow. I am grateful for it because we were practically 4 shades darker at the end of the trip. I just can't imagine the sun burns if the skies were clear. Just 20 minutes out at sea and I gained so many freckles.

Quality time while hanging on the bridge.

Off I go with my snorkeling gears!

Snorkeling in the deep sea....
Just kidding! The water here is only thigh high. There is a pier that stretches out into the deep blues, we saw sea creatures of technicolor that seem to glow, fishes of palm-size to as long as my arm. My favorite sight was the turtle! How often do we get to be with animals in their own habitat? Eye-opening, enlightening and educational. Sadly, all of the corals are dead. What we saw underneath the water was dark brown remnants of what once were colorful organisms. 

 Funny story, my dad lost his goggled in the sea (penalty fee alert). Halfway through the search I got tired and leaned backward to rest. 10 seconds later when I was ready to dive back in, I reached for my goggles but only felt hair, my goggles have slipped off my head. Just like that both of us were searching for our own goggles.
But guess what? Both of us found them in the end! Took quite some time but still!

The most unforgettable experience of all was spotting a school of sharks, there were about 15 baby sharks gliding in the same direction. We ran along them while keeping a safe distance, snapping pictures and recording videos.

I decided not to filter or brighten this photo because that would not do justice to the sunset.

Seafood buffet for dinner.We ordered so many times because you could only order one set at a time, for yourself. We had a theory that the kitchen gradually reduced the size of the lobsters because we were exhausting their supplies.

My sister famously known for being the first to wake up during vacations, enjoying the golden sunrise every morning.

Visited the indoor Jacuzzi pool on the the last day. I love the design of it, it feels like a wooden hut in a jungle. Look at the reflection of greenery on the pool!

and back to sunny Singapore we go. Can i just say, we lacked NOTHING while we were staying there because everything was just so well prepared for us. I think 70% of my time spent in Maldives was on the wooden deck, facing the open sea and sky, enjoying music, dozing off in wet hair while wrapped in soft white bathrobe. I think heaven might just be like this.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Hi Everyone!

My package just arrived this week so I'm going to share it because most of it came in really good quality, links at the bottom. Also, I've received some really pretty stationery which I'm keeping for 2017. I feel like I've gotten almost everything on my wish list really, except for LUSH which I only recently really want badly after watching Zoella's LUSH haul ( even though I already have three soap bars in my bathroom. DILEMMA.


I got these from Kikki K and Typo as gifts.
The first one, came in three, 2 notebooks and 1 sticker book which contains gift tags and labels as well. I don't really write letters often but I guess it's never too late to start! I already sent one out :)

A sneak peak on the inside:

I like the gift tags the best, they make a simple gift so much prettier and they're super convenient I can just tear them off this page and attach it with a string!

The second one, is a letter writing kit! I think it's the same series as the notebooks because
they all came in pink and gold. It has a writing pad, envelopes and stickers in it.

This last one, is a planner which I requested for in our company gift exchange, a planner for 2017
and I can't wait to use it. The iridescent strap is so pretty.


 I got three pair of new shoes. A pair of boots, loafers and heels. I have been wanting these shoes for a quite a some time just because they are great staples, I can wear with anything. All of which are work appropriate as well. I only got them for under $20 each.

Links for the shoes:


Yes, I got everything in black! Everything fit me really well, so I'm really glad I wasted $0 this time.
Everything but the bag with my initials are new :)

1. Beret with rings - stylenanda inspired $6
2. Flare pinstripe pants $12
3. Zara Skort with silver rings
4. Leather skirt $8
5. Sunglasses (knock-off)

*I won't be posting links for knock-offs*

Links here:

Leather skirt:

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Happy Hump Day!

Christmas is coming and everyone is diving into decorations shopping and gift shopping, while I really love decorating my house in wintry ornaments, I also don't want to spend a bomb on it. 
Pinterest has tons of crafts DIYs and I actually tried some of them which turned out really well! And they were so super easy to make! 
 I hope you find them helpful and fun, they haven't arrived yet but I will take a picture once they are all up!

1. Magazine/Book Tree

What you need:
Old magazines/books , scissors, spray paint and glitter.

All you have to do is:

1.Tear off the front and back cover

2. Fold the top corner into the center of the magazine and the bottom corner upwards
to the edge of the fold you just made.

3. Paint! I happened to have gold spray at home so mine is all gold! :)
To give it a more christmas-sy feel I took books with red and white covers to raise the tree.

Pinterest Link:

2. Paper Star Ornaments & Polaroids

I always focus on centerpiece in the living or dining room because sparse decors around
the house may be inconspicuous/waste of energy. Further recycling my magazines, I made paper
star ornaments and hung our family Polaroids with it.

What you need:
Scissors, marker, spray paint and glitter

1.This one is a little bit tricky so you might want to print the star out because I had
quite a hard time figuring out how to draw a 6 point star.

Star ornament pinterest Link:

2.After cutting out the paper star, simply fold the lower corner inwards to make it 3D.

3. Cut a few sizes of stars and use them as template!

I cut out 2 small stars and 2 big stars along with pine nut ornament,
winter cherry and lighting bought online and white branch from Ikea.

I hope you all have fun with these ideas, making my own decorations every year makes it so much more meaningful! :)