Mon Cherie Bomb

Monday, June 10, 2019

18 degrees out today! I met 3 ladies from a Facebook group today, in an effort to socialize and make some new friends. It was my first 'meet up' in Melbourne, it was surprisingly refreshing to walk away from the meeting with new knowledge of other cultures, what we miss about home and what we'll miss about Melbourne when we leave, I felt somewhat more connected to the city.
 I finally bought a book too, "normal people" by Sally Rooney.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Had a great, peaceful, awesome brunch before work at Industry Beans today. I have come to discover that I am at my top 5 happiest moments when drinking coffee and reading a good book. :)

The cafe kept popping up in recommendations so I HAD to try! The food and coffee is amazeball but the price is honestly overpriced. If I had the money I would eat here everyday though.
Almond Crossaint for $6.80 WHY!

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Wow, it's like every year I try to revive my blog (and fail) here goes my fourth attempt!! 
Please do not expect an itinerary or some sort of guide to your working holiday. This is a mere outlet to pen down my thoughts.

Breaking News: I made a decision to move to Australia for a year, I am only into my 1st month and I fear my budget is diminishing faster than I thought. Note to self: never ever start off your working holiday by booking expensive airbnbs. *cries in poor*

I manage to lower my monthly expense very very low but I need to find ways to cover my rental damage. Actively applying for jobs is not as easy as I thought and i actually HAD a job one for a week but decided it was just not worth sacrificing my time for a horrible wage. After all, if things don't go well I already have 4 months of rental settled. honestly, if I don't get a job by then, I hope to travel around europe, especially netherland because I have always wanted to visit amsterdam.

I was never one to plan things out so but in this case, I will give a sound warning to all "wingers" like me, PLEASE PLAN YOUR FINANCES AND TIME PROPERLY. I am not using the most out of my time here and i feel kind of bad staying in. I expected to be this new person who wakes up early and have coffee before starting my day but come on, that never happens. I will try and improve my planning everyday :)

 In an effort to socialize, I have a meet up at a cafe tomorrow!
Super nervous but I really hope to make new friends!

Fingers crossed.


Saturday, January 6, 2018

Finally back to blogger town with another vacation post, this time in....

When it comes to my accommodations on holidays,  I am very pedantic and I FBI the hell out of
the hotels on my consideration list.I guess that makes me a tough critic. I also develop OCD as soon as I check into my hotel even though my room looks like massacre.

Hotel 1: Bloc Hotel

Bloc Hotel cost me about $110 SGD on Agoda.
When travelling to budget hotels, I always bring all my money and passport out with me. The bloc hotel is literally across the street from Patong beach and sandwiched between numerous street stores. Right next to it, Surf House Patong and family mart
Am I the only one who loves shopping in Thailand's convenience store? Everything is
Look at my buys!

 Back to the hotel, it will only take you a few minutes walk to Savoey, a famous seafood restaurant where you pick your own fresh sea creatures for dirt cheap price.
If I nick picked, water temperature was very hard to get right. It was switching from boiling water to Antarctic ice without me turning the facet.

Hotel room  (photo from trip advisor)

Roof top view

Roof top (from hotel's facebook page)

Rating: 8/10

Hotel 2: Amatara

One has to spoil herself at least one night at a 5-Star hotel.
With all that Amatara has to offer, it was worth every 320 dollar. The royal treatment here is enough to make you feel like a million bucks and the landscaping is seriously the best I've seen, anywhere.

Bring the resort map along with you otherwise you could go in circles without knowing as the facilities are scattered.

Path down to our hotel. & over view of the hotel below:

I thought the cabinet  beside the sofa was a closet or something but it's actually the pantry/bar! Everything in there is complimentary.

Working desk - writing pad and stationery provided.

Facilities overview:

The infinity pool is without a doubt, my favourite part of the resort, nothing is more relaxing than sitting by the poolside and staring into blue infinitude.

Spa & Yoga Area:

The staircase leading up to the spa center from the lobby, felt like I was walking up to a mansion!

I think this is where yoga lessons are held under the pretty pavilion, facing the ocean. The view here is better than the pool because it is on a higher magnitude, and there wasn't anybody there most of the time.

At the entrance of the restaurant, I love the doors so much, can I make it my bedroom door please?

The food:



View from our balcony at night, *starry eyes*
Anyway, nothing but compliments for this hotel, I need to go back!

Rating: 10/10

Hotel 3: ZEN Premium Soi Nayang

They say save the best for the last but this hotel was the worst.

1. Hair was spotted here and there
2. Sofa was WET
3. Bed sheet was dirty.

I got the staff to change new sheets but...needless to say, I will never go back nor should anyone stay there.

Rating: 3/10

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Finally recharged enough to blog about my trip! I just got back on Thursday and went straight to work. Thank god it is Saturday and it feels so good to chill out after covering innumerable kilometers in Korea.  I'm going to break the blog post in two, one for journaling (this) and another one for pretty/edited photographs I took during the trip.

My first time to Korea here:
(Myeongdong, Garuso-Gil, Jeju Island, Gyeongbokgung Palace)

We booked an apartment in Gangnam, the hipster heart of Seoul. Plenty of shopping and restaurants around the area, definitely recommend a night or two here. 

Arrived in Gangnam at sunset.

Dinner at Kkanbu chicken, it was just a random place we went into but the fried chicken was super tender, non-greasy and extremely fresh it's ridiculous! My entire family loved it.
10000/10 stars, plus we paid under SGD $30 for four of us, we are small eaters though.

Day 1: Garuso-Gil Hongik & Ewha University

We went shopping all day and night, but we actually didn't buy a lot of things as the stores are selling autumn wear and it's just so hot in Singapore I won't be able to wear them. If you don't have a lot of time in Korea, Garuso-Gil is the best place to take photos and Hongik University is the best place for cheap shopping so now you can weigh your choices.

Random corner of Garuso-Gil, we walked around a bit before heading to the train station.

Spotted this insta-worthy rainbow tunnel at Garuso-Gil, we went underground and discovered an etude house store where they customize your own lip gloss. It's hard to miss when walking along the street.

Day 2: Busan 

We took a two-hour train ride from Seoul station to Busan Station, then the metro to Nampo.
We stayed in YTT Hotel, this place is worth a recommendation not only because of its spaciousness, they have helpful staffs and a lot of extra toiletries (eg. bath sponge) and hair straightener.
Note: 4 people cannot fit into the beds, even though in the description they call it a family room for four, I ended up sleeping on the floor, on a very very thin mattress.

I forgot to take photos of our room but I manage to find it on google:

Early morning at Seoul Station

Haundae Beach

We were almost swept off our feet by the strong winds here, picture everyone's hair flapping about in their faces, hats flying off heads and people walking against an invisible current.

The waves at the beach were inevitably enormous, I love being at the beach and the sun was at the best position where it creates silhouettes and glittery reflections of the sea. :)

Gwangandaegyo :

Quite a long walk from the station to see the colourful bridge, beautiful from our naked eye but my phone could barely capture anything in the dark.

Day 3: Busan Cultural Village

My sister bought these balloons which granted us access to the cafe's rooftop where I took this picture! (Respect to the owner for his/her lucrative idea) You can buy cotton candy and balloons from this blue cafe below:

This spot, however, is free to access and right opposite the blue cafe.

Day 4 & 5: Myeongdong & Hongdae

Train ride back to Seoul

What do people miss about Korea when they leave? I miss street food the most!
I ate all of the above in 20 minutes walking to our dinner place, and then I didn't have dinner. :P

My favourite shop in Korea, *enters all Line stores and buying cute useless things*

Finally, we visited the famous common ground which we didn't have time to during our last trip.
It was a weekday night so it was pretty empty, the container mall has 2 sections where they sell stationary, home accessories and streetwear, a food truck area and restaurants at the roof. 

Nasi Goreng at a thai cuisine restaurant, this dish was really good but not the Pad Thai. Eat at own risk?

Warning: There is a few dessert store, might want to start with them first otherwise you will be too full to eat, like me, staring and taking pictures of them.

We went to Hongdae for a little shopping, shake shack for lunch and headed for the airport :)