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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Finally recharged enough to blog about my trip! I just got back on Thursday and went straight to work. Thank god it is Saturday and it feels so good to chill out after covering innumerable kilometers in Korea.  I'm going to break the blog post in two, one for journaling (this) and another one for pretty/edited photographs I took during the trip.

My first time to Korea here:
(Myeongdong, Garuso-Gil, Jeju Island, Gyeongbokgung Palace)

We booked an apartment in Gangnam, the hipster heart of Seoul. Plenty of shopping and restaurants around the area, definitely recommend a night or two here. 

Arrived in Gangnam at sunset.

Dinner at Kkanbu chicken, it was just a random place we went into but the fried chicken was super tender, non-greasy and extremely fresh it's ridiculous! My entire family loved it.
10000/10 stars, plus we paid under SGD $30 for four of us, we are small eaters though.

Day 1: Garuso-Gil Hongik & Ewha University

We went shopping all day and night, but we actually didn't buy a lot of things as the stores are selling autumn wear and it's just so hot in Singapore I won't be able to wear them. If you don't have a lot of time in Korea, Garuso-Gil is the best place to take photos and Hongik University is the best place for cheap shopping so now you can weigh your choices.

Random corner of Garuso-Gil, we walked around a bit before heading to the train station.

Spotted this insta-worthy rainbow tunnel at Garuso-Gil, we went underground and discovered an etude house store where they customize your own lip gloss. It's hard to miss when walking along the street.

Day 2: Busan 

We took a two-hour train ride from Seoul station to Busan Station, then the metro to Nampo.
We stayed in YTT Hotel, this place is worth a recommendation not only because of its spaciousness, they have helpful staffs and a lot of extra toiletries (eg. bath sponge) and hair straightener.
Note: 4 people cannot fit into the beds, even though in the description they call it a family room for four, I ended up sleeping on the floor, on a very very thin mattress.

I forgot to take photos of our room but I manage to find it on google:

Early morning at Seoul Station

Haundae Beach

We were almost swept off our feet by the strong winds here, picture everyone's hair flapping about in their faces, hats flying off heads and people walking against an invisible current.

The waves at the beach were inevitably enormous, I love being at the beach and the sun was at the best position where it creates silhouettes and glittery reflections of the sea. :)

Gwangandaegyo :

Quite a long walk from the station to see the colourful bridge, beautiful from our naked eye but my phone could barely capture anything in the dark.

Day 3: Busan Cultural Village

My sister bought these balloons which granted us access to the cafe's rooftop where I took this picture! (Respect to the owner for his/her lucrative idea) You can buy cotton candy and balloons from this blue cafe below:

This spot, however, is free to access and right opposite the blue cafe.

Day 4 & 5: Myeongdong & Hongdae

Train ride back to Seoul

What do people miss about Korea when they leave? I miss street food the most!
I ate all of the above in 20 minutes walking to our dinner place, and then I didn't have dinner. :P

My favourite shop in Korea, *enters all Line stores and buying cute useless things*

Finally, we visited the famous common ground which we didn't have time to during our last trip.
It was a weekday night so it was pretty empty, the container mall has 2 sections where they sell stationary, home accessories and streetwear, a food truck area and restaurants at the roof. 

Nasi Goreng at a thai cuisine restaurant, this dish was really good but not the Pad Thai. Eat at own risk?

Warning: There is a few dessert store, might want to start with them first otherwise you will be too full to eat, like me, staring and taking pictures of them.

We went to Hongdae for a little shopping, shake shack for lunch and headed for the airport :)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Yippie!!! I have finally finished reading some books I have been putting off for a while and here are my reviews!

1. The Moaning Of Life - Comedy

Guys, if you love a good laugh please get a copy because I was giggling throughout this book. 
Karl Pilkington is the funniest dude in the world, even though he is suspiciously unaware of it. 
In the TV Series, he goes all over the world to discover the meaning of life. And book is his diary of the journey.   Not only absorbing and humorous but there are tons of cool things you learn. As he explores different culture and meet amazing people, he uncovers the peculiar ways of achieving happiness (It goes from suspending yourself in the air by hooking your bare back into metal hooks to simply meditating in nature) and unconventional ways to deal with death.
 In my opinion, this is better than any self help book or cultural book out there, you get to learn and laugh!

"Yes, I'm sure there can be plenty of nice moments when you have a child, but there's another side to everything. Hearing a baby laugh might be a lovely thing, but if I was woken up in the middle of the night by my baby laughing to itself, it would bloody terrify me."

Karl Pilkington

10/10 rating because I'm in love with Karl.

2. All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr - History

I am quite a sucker for historical fiction books. I am sure you must have heard of this book if you haven't already read it. Even though the plot is very draggy and at time confusing, I think the author captures reconnaissance under Hilter ruling very vividly.  
We get to experience the story in two perspectives, Henry - a Hilter Youth preparing for war, he goes through the tumultuous emotional struggle he suffers from witnessing cruelty against his best friend and prisoners.
 Marie Laure - a blind commoner fleeing from war, oh the sweet taste of short lived freedom whenever she gets to go outside. My favourite character are not the main leads but Madam Manec who is a very endearing character in the book. She is the guardian angel of Marie Laure and a heroine in my opinion, not in the "save the world" sense but "help anyone you can with what you have" kind of way. :)

9/10 for the amazing details and analogies, I think a movie of this book needs to be made.

3. The Guilt Trip by Pat Simmons - Love story

Ace is a heart throb and a player, no girl can trap him into a relationship or marriage. When Talise drops the baby bomb on him, his runs away convinced he has been duped. Talise gets support from family, friends and above all else she keeps herself afloat with God's faith. Not only does she deal with her own problems, she also has to face Ace's family who want to be part of the baby's life.
Will Ace eventually come around? Basically this is a "don't know what you have till it's gone" kind of plot,  christianity plays quite a part in the storyline too. I'm sure christians + love story fans will love it. I am not a fan of love I'd rate this book 6/10.

4. When in Rome by Nicky Pellegrino- Adventure and romance

 Serafina is in for an adventure, she is about to be part of Mario Lanza's life, the famous singer every girl is in love with and the voice of Rome! This book truly teleports me to Rome, the plot is made up of music, stardom and romance. Serafina leaves her home for a job in the Singer's home where she gets more than glimpse of his personal life and falls in love with a zealous chef. She watches Mario battle his own demons, Mario's wife becomes more than an employer and she takes care of their children. Unknowingly she becomes a pillar of the family as the books goes on. I love it because the book has the whole 'adventure of a lifetime' mantra to it, adventures end but it is never the ending that matters. 8/10 rating. 

That's all i have for now, I hope you have found at least 1 book you'd like to read in here.
Bye! :)

Thursday, October 12, 2017

I am well aware that Mental Health Day is over but that's not going to stop me from writing about it, while all of us has seen many tributes to depression and suicide stories, I want to talk about mental health in minuscule levels. I don't suffer from it, so let's just say I experience anxiety on a daily basis.

I've had anxiety for as long as I can remember, the earliest event would date back to little me being afraid to pick up phone calls. I think of a hundred ways I could die while sitting in a car, driver might get a heart attack, is he looking before he makes a turn? Was that the sound of something coming loose? I think of everything I could have done wrong when I receive a text from my boss. I walk a longer route to avoid walking pass people especially on days when I don't feel confident.

To most people, I am 'over-reacting', i will 'get over it' or I am 'just pretending' whenever i dare bring it up in a conversation, followed by an instant change of topic.

On another level of mental health issues, I had slight depression when I was really young, I had it and then recovered from it without anyone realizing the entire process.  Except for a lot of crying, I don't remember much about it. (If you have depression of any kind before, you'd understand) A simple google search of: 'depression haze' and teenage depression should lead you to more information.

When I was younger nobody thought me about mental health so I registered my depression as 'abnormally sad' . Which is why I think mental health needs to be taught in school, teach students how to take care of their mental health before anything else.When nobody educate kids about anxiety and depression, they can only express it by frustration or hiding it away, and that only makes their condition worst.

Some things are negligible compared to real depression or serious anxiety, but you don't have to wait until it is too late to show concern for people around you. I guess what I'm saying is, there is no need for wait for the right time or place to show a little TLC, you don't need drastic circumstances to shine a spotlight on mental health.

Throw kindness around like confetti, love a little louder!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Good morning! I can't wait to share this post with you because when I recommend
something, I have a lot of faith in it. I am not the type to try or use a lot of products all the time,
usually when I find a product that works for me, I stick to it. I have been using these products for months. I will still be doing favourites but things like my favourite article/decor not products because like I said, I don't try out new products often, but I'm on the internet 24/7. ^o^

Faceshop: Chia Seed Mist Toner

Being a lazy girl is easier when facial products are convenient. I have been using this toner for a long time, this is actually my second bottle. I have dry skin so my face gets a little rough, so I spray this on before my makeup because not only does it make me feel clean, my face is smoothed out and ready for makeup. Sometimes after makeup I feel a little gross just because there are so many things on my face, I spray it again to make myself feel better. When I'm sitting at my desk for a long time, I spray it on just because. It's a slim bottle perfect to bring overseas too. Not going to lie, I'm a huge fan of faceshop, I get my bb cushion and liquid foundation from faceshop too.

Nuttarin Coconut Oil

This has to be my absolute favourite out of everything I show you. I use this everyday after shower, you don't need a lot to cover your whole body and it leaves your skin super moisturized and looking like a million bucks.You can use this almost anywhere on your body, your hair and even as a makeup remover!

I am also using these two in the bathroom everyday. Sometimes both, sometimes one of them.

Bath & Body: Almond & Vanilla Shower Gel

Are you crazy about coconut like me? The scent is already in the name itself so all I can say is
it smells like a beach vacation <3

Lush shower jelly

Don't hate me but I got this as a xmas present and totally forgot about it, I think the only way to get this is to wait until Xmas. When I finally used it, I was like why didn't I take this out sooner?! The scent is so refreshing that once I open it, I feel a calming effect immediately. If you are stressed or anxious, you definitely need this. My skin also doesn't absorb scent easily so usually I just smell like nothing (that's right), but this one stays on my skin and I'm ecstatic about it. 

Crate & Barrel: Gardenia & Fig Candle

I got this one sale for SGD$30+ it smells like a garden of fresh flowers. Anyone else adores the smell of spa salons? This is it. Even though I think it is a little bit expensive, the scent is really unique and not easy to find. It's a soy candle so it burns longer and it is biodegradable.

So these are all of my favourite products at the mo. If you do get them,
I hope you like them as much as I. :)