Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bangkok cafe hopping - Part 2 Reviews

Organika House:

A stone's throw away from Rocket Coffee Bar 49, Organika secret spa is located in a white building across a car park, on level 5 (spa house) and 6 (cafe and store)
This airy little cafe is every girls' dream. 
Floor to ceiling windows allow sunlight to penetrate the walls uplifting its all white interior bedecked in hanging fern, rooted trees and green accents.

We only had beverages since we already had breakfast at Rocket 49. 
Our orders: Caramel Frappe and Ocean of Dreams tea, the house of fragrances did not dissappoint us as both were very aromatic. They have a collection of original teas and diffusers in identical 'flavours'. Because some things smell so good we want to drink it! Don't be shy to take photos around the cafe, the staff didn't mind, at least I didn't recieve any dirty looks. haha! I was there on a tuesday morning,which explains why we were the only ones there besides a couple.Expect a long wait on weekends.

PS. High tea sets are priced at about 1400 baht each, rather pricey but has received many good reviews. Worth a try if you're a dessert lover! 

Featherstone Cafe & Lifestyle Store:

A stunning new cafe opened late 2015. Definitely the most beautiful cafe 
I've ever been. From the stained glass windows down to the vintage ornaments, this place left me mesmerized and in awe. I found the food a little pricey compared to what was on the plate, but I'd like to think that we're also paying for the experience.

Service: 10/10
Food : 8/10

Super fascinated with this beautiful presentation, came along with two roses specially given from the cafe for Valentine's!