Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bangkok Trip! Travelogue

After what seemed like forever, my second time in Bangkok was enlightening.
Everything was the same, yet entirely different. Same as in the faded paints on buildings, colourful tuk tuks dangerously manoeuvring through traffic and stretches of street stores. Different as in, Bangkok is ahead of its time in many ways, Impressive interior design, outstanding local designer fashion and innovative foods available exclusively in bkk. This was overall a shopping trip, we got a lot of our clothes at the biggest retail and wholesale mall, Platinum mall and Chatuchak weekend market.

Highlight: Our lodging at J no 14 was pretty unique. This small boutique hotel is owned by a mid twenties interior designer and run by his family. Its dusty glass roof and hanging plants filtered the sunlight giving the interior a fluorescent luster. 
 My friend encountered the biggest fear of her life. DOGS. there were about 5 or 6 in the lobby but all were tiny and so adorable!  It takes us about 20 minutes into the city. but we also checked in to Amari hotel 2 days later which was right across the street of Platinum mall.

stay tune for my eventful third bangkok trip from last week.


Our first meal in Bangkok, JAM factory which was pretty close to J No. 14. I recommend this cafe/restaurant to everyone.

We didn't get to visit the palace due to the King's birthday but we managed to catch the soldiers parading under the scorching sun.