Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bangkok cafe hopping: Part 1 Reviews

Roast @ The Commons

Our first cafe stop after shopping at chatuchak weekend market for dinner!
The concept of the commons is 'community' a space for friends to simply hangout and chill. I have to say, there are not many places that makes me a sense of belonging like The Commons. I look around and relate with people all around me. The girl sitting on the wooden steps typing away on her laptop possibly working on her assignment, the four dudes catching up over beer and fashionable girls gossiping over brunch. 

That's all we're all about these days. 

About the food:

I wasn't planning on making a blog so I don't have photos nice enough to show.
But here are my honest opinions: 
Business was bustling in Roast but the food did not take long time to come.  We had battered fried assorted vegetables,cod fish and truffle alfredo. 
MUST order dish: Truffle alfredo with bacon and parmesan cheese, we left the restaurant a spotless plate! 
The cod fish though...they were very generous with the portion but the sauce (I forgot what) that came with it didn't quite go well together. But it could just be a matter of personal taste. 

We spent almost $70sgd for three.