Sunday, March 6, 2016

Clifford Pier

Today, we finally dined at Clifford pier, booked a week ahead of time. We paid $180 for four, which is actually pretty average for dining in five star hotels.  Clifford pier faces a small river,enclosed by glass walls.  Decked in half moon ceiling partitions and dark wood chandeliers. Pure white orchids and greens liven up the interiors.
We definitely felt spoiled enjoying super scrumptious hi-tea sinking in the opulent comfort of the grey victorian armchairs.
Clifford pier is officially my favourite hi-tea place.
I see most of my dining options as a triangle, pick 2 out of 3 (taste, view & price) but I can finally have the best of three! The buffet option is not very vast but the scrumptious food makes up for it and the dessert tier was so darn luscious.

I'll let the pictures do the talking.


All eyes on the fancy dessert!

Attending maison & objet ASIA this coming Wednesday. 
Can't wait to write up all about it!

Au revoir!