Monday, May 2, 2016

Kuala Lumpur - Weekend itinerary

29 Apr 2016

9am :Our very very short getaway over the 'long' weekend saw us on a 7 hour long
bus ride to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore (what the whatt?!) . But not without the reward of 
 a view the endless forestry sandwiching us and rain pattering on our windows.

8pm: Our dinner was a table of seafood, which we were so excited we forgot to take any photos. 
We made our way down the street of jalan alor to rabbit hole for a drink, they led us into this private little opulent room which was pretty awesome! We spent the rest of the night back in our air bnb apartment watching 'spy' on astro tv, that lasted us till 4am.

30 Apr 2016

12am: Hui ying drove us to chinatown for brunch, according to Hui Ying at the most instagram-able cafe of the moment. This cafe is made out of recycled items like old doors for tables, and poster tubes for lights. But a hipster cafe without their delicious food is nothing more than a wallflower, 
I was expecting good not great food but we were all 'omg this is damn good wtf?' 
and that's all you need to know.


3pm: we were back at our air bnb after walking around chinatown a little bit.
1. we slept at 4am last night.
2. we were heading to zouk at night
3. we are all lazy adults.

8pm: All dressed and energetic we drove to Barlai for drinks after dim sum for dinner. We were joined by Hui ying friends, who spontaneously partied with us at zouk too. 

2am: My jaw wasn't dropping when I saw that zouk was a building by itself and as big as a mall.
Bloody awesome club with the best mix ever, 10/10 dragging my bff in here next holiday.
There is also a lok-lok stand outside zouk for all who were sober enough and hungry as shit.
In Singapore, all we have is an overpriced sausage stand. :(

1 May 2016

12pm: So much food so little time.. we cramped everything i wanted to eat in KL 
into one meal. A food court in lot 10 comprise of popular food stalls of KL unfortunately did not satisfy my craving! I wish I had the time for some aromatic bak kut teh!!
Sadly, our bus leaves at 2pm and it was time to say goodbye.