Wednesday, November 23, 2016

1 week in Seoul

Annyeong, we spent a week in Seoul and Jeju! 
I didn't plan an itinerary since it's my sister's second time but here's a list of pretty cool places everyone should visit.

The Insta-Worthy : Stylenanda Pink Hotel

A must visit for every girl in Seoul. Stylenanda Hotel consists of 5 stories.If you are fan of Stylenand's make up or fashion, this is an easy place to access to all their products.
2 stories dedicated to make up and 2 stories dedicated to fashion. 5th floor, is a open rooftop where girls go to take glamorous selfies on gigantic pink pillows. It is situated in Myeong-dong.

For The Fashionistas And Hipsters: Garuso Gil

This was the highlight of my day, Shake Shack.
It's my favorite burger chain but the last time I ate this was 1 year ago, because they do not have a branch in Singapore. That juicee beeeeef! Garusol is the best place to be, the streets are lined with numerous pretty shops and cafes. Every nook is worth an exploration.

Mr Holmes Bakery

Don't tell anyone you've been to Seoul if you haven't have a Cruffin! Tasted so good I almost cried.

Islander: Jeju-do

My sister's friend recommended a private guide and driver for our 2 day trip to Jeju. We visited a few nature attractions. I would recommend a 2 day trip if you have time or you can skip this. Don't get me wrong, it is actually very beautiful but ocean views and forests are not scarce.

Our Jeju Accomodation was booked through the trusty Air Bnb! It is called Hygge and I definitely recommend it, it has floor to ceiling window, heated beds and an unbeatable view.

View from our accommodation.

Cave Cafe

Not worth a visit though I know how cool it sounds. It is actually very boring, there is nothing in here but a few stores making tourist money. Imagine going into a stone and having a cup of tea.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

It is always enlightening to visit cultural places. The doors and windows in the palace are locked, I wanted to see the inside so bad.The view surrounding the palace is absolutely breath taking though, we could see the mountain summits from all sides. The autumn trees around here were so vibrant.

Tosokchon Samgyetang

A traditional restaurant serving the best ginseng chicken in Seoul. Don't miss this after visiting the palace as it is just walking distance away!

The end of my travel diary. It is not much of a recommendation post because I didn't plan to write about it. But I hope you found it somewhat useful :)