Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas centerpiece on a budget : DIY

Happy Hump Day!

Christmas is coming and everyone is diving into decorations shopping and gift shopping, while I really love decorating my house in wintry ornaments, I also don't want to spend a bomb on it. 
Pinterest has tons of crafts DIYs and I actually tried some of them which turned out really well! And they were so super easy to make! 
 I hope you find them helpful and fun, they haven't arrived yet but I will take a picture once they are all up!

1. Magazine/Book Tree

What you need:
Old magazines/books , scissors, spray paint and glitter.

All you have to do is:

1.Tear off the front and back cover

2. Fold the top corner into the center of the magazine and the bottom corner upwards
to the edge of the fold you just made.

3. Paint! I happened to have gold spray at home so mine is all gold! :)
To give it a more christmas-sy feel I took books with red and white covers to raise the tree.

Pinterest Link:

2. Paper Star Ornaments & Polaroids

I always focus on centerpiece in the living or dining room because sparse decors around
the house may be inconspicuous/waste of energy. Further recycling my magazines, I made paper
star ornaments and hung our family Polaroids with it.

What you need:
Scissors, marker, spray paint and glitter

1.This one is a little bit tricky so you might want to print the star out because I had
quite a hard time figuring out how to draw a 6 point star.

Star ornament pinterest Link:

2.After cutting out the paper star, simply fold the lower corner inwards to make it 3D.

3. Cut a few sizes of stars and use them as template!

I cut out 2 small stars and 2 big stars along with pine nut ornament,
winter cherry and lighting bought online and white branch from Ikea.

I hope you all have fun with these ideas, making my own decorations every year makes it so much more meaningful! :)