Sunday, December 18, 2016

Shopping haul & Stationery for 2017!

Hi Everyone!

My package just arrived this week so I'm going to share it because most of it came in really good quality, links at the bottom. Also, I've received some really pretty stationery which I'm keeping for 2017. I feel like I've gotten almost everything on my wish list really, except for LUSH which I only recently really want badly after watching Zoella's LUSH haul ( even though I already have three soap bars in my bathroom. DILEMMA.


I got these from Kikki K and Typo as gifts.
The first one, came in three, 2 notebooks and 1 sticker book which contains gift tags and labels as well. I don't really write letters often but I guess it's never too late to start! I already sent one out :)

A sneak peak on the inside:

I like the gift tags the best, they make a simple gift so much prettier and they're super convenient I can just tear them off this page and attach it with a string!

The second one, is a letter writing kit! I think it's the same series as the notebooks because
they all came in pink and gold. It has a writing pad, envelopes and stickers in it.

This last one, is a planner which I requested for in our company gift exchange, a planner for 2017
and I can't wait to use it. The iridescent strap is so pretty.


 I got three pair of new shoes. A pair of boots, loafers and heels. I have been wanting these shoes for a quite a some time just because they are great staples, I can wear with anything. All of which are work appropriate as well. I only got them for under $20 each.

Links for the shoes:


Yes, I got everything in black! Everything fit me really well, so I'm really glad I wasted $0 this time.
Everything but the bag with my initials are new :)

1. Beret with rings - stylenanda inspired $6
2. Flare pinstripe pants $12
3. Zara Skort with silver rings
4. Leather skirt $8
5. Sunglasses (knock-off)

*I won't be posting links for knock-offs*

Links here:

Leather skirt: