Saturday, August 19, 2017

4 days 3 nights in Maldives, Cocoa Island.

Voila, this is paradise on earth- 4 days 3 nights in Maldives, Cocoa Island.
Our accommodation at Coca Island belongs to COMO hotels.

This is our beautiful loft ! I have never been in a more beautiful resort in my life. Bathroom as big as my living room and a bathtub which my toes cannot meet the end of. A short wooden ladder at the edge of our wooden deck leads straight into the sea so clear, every stone and fish can be seen from above.

Our bedroom upstairs. The coziest place to be, just thinking about it makes me miss it SO much.
Falling asleep to crash waves? Yes please.

Three things I brought with me everywhere on the island:
A hat
A straw bag carrying sunglasses, sunblock and a book.
A pair of sandals.

Complementary breakfast off the menu. So decadent!

Caption: When you are far away from everybody's bullshit. hehe

Dark clouds blanketing the sky, we were spared half a rainbow. I am grateful for it because we were practically 4 shades darker at the end of the trip. I just can't imagine the sun burns if the skies were clear. Just 20 minutes out at sea and I gained so many freckles.

Quality time while hanging on the bridge.

Off I go with my snorkeling gears!

Snorkeling in the deep sea....
Just kidding! The water here is only thigh high. There is a pier that stretches out into the deep blues, we saw sea creatures of technicolor that seem to glow, fishes of palm-size to as long as my arm. My favorite sight was the turtle! How often do we get to be with animals in their own habitat? Eye-opening, enlightening and educational. Sadly, all of the corals are dead. What we saw underneath the water was dark brown remnants of what once were colorful organisms. 

 Funny story, my dad lost his goggled in the sea (penalty fee alert). Halfway through the search I got tired and leaned backward to rest. 10 seconds later when I was ready to dive back in, I reached for my goggles but only felt hair, my goggles have slipped off my head. Just like that both of us were searching for our own goggles.
But guess what? Both of us found them in the end! Took quite some time but still!

The most unforgettable experience of all was spotting a school of sharks, there were about 15 baby sharks gliding in the same direction. We ran along them while keeping a safe distance, snapping pictures and recording videos.

I decided not to filter or brighten this photo because that would not do justice to the sunset.

Seafood buffet for dinner.We ordered so many times because you could only order one set at a time, for yourself. We had a theory that the kitchen gradually reduced the size of the lobsters because we were exhausting their supplies.

My sister famously known for being the first to wake up during vacations, enjoying the golden sunrise every morning.

Visited the indoor Jacuzzi pool on the the last day. I love the design of it, it feels like a wooden hut in a jungle. Look at the reflection of greenery on the pool!

and back to sunny Singapore we go. Can i just say, we lacked NOTHING while we were staying there because everything was just so well prepared for us. I think 70% of my time spent in Maldives was on the wooden deck, facing the open sea and sky, enjoying music, dozing off in wet hair while wrapped in soft white bathrobe. I think heaven might just be like this.

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