Sunday, August 20, 2017

The best clothing haul YET!

Good morning world, I am feeling extra productive today so I picked up my phone and captured my favorite things I got this month.Not gonna lie I felt a bit guilty when I gathered everything and realized how much I actually got. Some pieces I got online, others in the mall.


1. Off-shoulder top : Editor's Market
2. Denim Jeans: Taobao
3. Bucket Bag: Taobao
4. Grey suede mules: Taobao
5. Sunglasses: Factorie

I've been into off-shoulder tops lately because they are very easy to match and flattering for my shape. The brown bucket bag has to be DEE absolute favorite thing I got, it is super soft, it's light and I can fit so many things in there. Another winning buy is the grey mules, it just alleviates your outfit.

6. Aztec Jacket: Bimba Y Lola
7. Blue Jacket: Taobao
8. Black Boots: Taobao

I got the Aztec printed jacket at half-price ($150) , it is extremely comfortable even though you can't tell but it wraps around me like a cozy blanket in the office. The blue jacket is for days when I feel a bit rebellious, I would wear it with just a white shirt and denim shorts.
I have already worn the black boots at least 5 times since I got it. A gorgeous pair of shoes is all you need sometimes.

Books of the month: I forgot the price of these books but they were under $13 each from book depository ( . I buy most of my books from the website because they have really great offers and free shipping. I am almost done with "All the light we cannot see" and it has one of the best books I've read this year. My sister finished it in two days so that is how you know it's a good book.

Living Proof hair oil from Sephora at $56 SGD

It is a little bit pricing but it should last me awhile because with hair oils you only need to apply coin size amount otherwise your hair is going to look really greasy. I recommend this to people with frizzy hair because not only does it smell HEAVENLY, it works in an instant. It is travel size so you can carry it with you in a small bag.

And that's all of my August favourites.
Hope you liked it as much as I do, byeee!

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