Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Best Morning Ever, Exciting News & Book Review

Good afternoon world! I woke up exceptionally early as I could not miss out on a perfect weather! Cool breeze has been drifting through my windows and the sunlight is faint outside. The rain had just stopped when I opened my eyes this morning. I made tea, put on a movie and sank into my couch with a cozy blanket. It is only 1 pm in the afternoon but I already watched 2 Christmas movies, wrapped my sister's birthday present, made a small painting, packed my wardrobe (kind of), changed my bed sheets and showered. That's how early I rose and it was the best morning I had for a while.
Now I am writing at my desk with a some exciting things to share.

Celebrating The Success Of Others

This month my sister's interview was published on Brand Minds, subsequent to a recent Forbes interview. My sister quit her job merely 3 years ago, now she is co-founder of LadyBoss Asia where women/entrepreneurs empower each other through networking events and panels, a marketing expert and a creative. I'm a proud sista and I can't wait for more great things to come up!

Visit the Ladyboss blog:
Read interview of successful people, business tips and marketing tools for your business and blogs.

At the same time, my talented cousin finally launched her cake business on facebook and instagram. Honest to God, she is one of the best home bakers in Singapore, I used to order birthday cakes from different home bakers but none taste as good as hers. She is also the first in Singapore to make glossy/galaxy cakes!

Check out her creations by clicking on the cute little baker below!

Review: A Man Called Ove 

I should warn you to avoid read this book's ending in public because you'd want to shed a tear, or a couple. If you're looking for something heartwarming, you need to read this. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside the entire time.The kind of book you read over and over again and you smile to yourself because of the kind of person Ove is and how sometimes, random strangers can change your life. 5/5 stars from me! 

Travelling Again!

I am so freaking excited to be in Seoul a second time in October! Right now, we are still looking up cool places to visit. If you have any recommendations, feel free to let me know. And of course, I can't wait to be back and blogging about it.

<< My first time in Seoul HERE >>

That's all I have to share for today, Hope everyone is having an awesome week!!

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