Saturday, September 23, 2017

Birthday, concert and a fashion event.

Welp, this was suppose to be up on Thursday but the week has been hectic, let's see what went down.
Last weekend, we celebrated my sister's 28th birthday at Como Cuisine located at Dempsey Hill with a simple lunch.I love the restaurant's interior and the food was pretty good. My favourite dishes would be the cheese cake and lobster roll. Average spending per person would be $40++ if you are having the main course.

I took a photo of the menu so I could show you the prices but guess what...the string covered it!

A more private dining area where we sat. Perfect birthday party location.

Sirloin steak - 7/10

Lobster roll - 10/10

I love this tea set, it's so pretty!

At night, Zx and I went to the Formula 1 concert, it was also the final day of the race so
we got to enjoy the pretty fireworks as well! <3

My make up for that day, I couldn't get a good photo no matter how hard I tried so here's my
instagram video:

On Wednesday night, both of us attended Topshop fall/winter installation.

My favourite set of outfit at the event.

Friday night, Joy and I went for a movie screening of 'the adventurers' and mexican food for dinner.

That's all I was up to this week! Stay tune for my September favourites.

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