Thursday, October 12, 2017

My Experience With Mental Health

I am well aware that Mental Health Day is over but that's not going to stop me from writing about it, while all of us has seen many tributes to depression and suicide stories, I want to talk about mental health in minuscule levels. I don't suffer from it, so let's just say I experience anxiety on a daily basis.

I've had anxiety for as long as I can remember, the earliest event would date back to little me being afraid to pick up phone calls. I think of a hundred ways I could die while sitting in a car, driver might get a heart attack, is he looking before he makes a turn? Was that the sound of something coming loose? I think of everything I could have done wrong when I receive a text from my boss. I walk a longer route to avoid walking pass people especially on days when I don't feel confident.

To most people, I am 'over-reacting', i will 'get over it' or I am 'just pretending' whenever i dare bring it up in a conversation, followed by an instant change of topic.

On another level of mental health issues, I had slight depression when I was really young, I had it and then recovered from it without anyone realizing the entire process.  Except for a lot of crying, I don't remember much about it. (If you have depression of any kind before, you'd understand) A simple google search of: 'depression haze' and teenage depression should lead you to more information.

When I was younger nobody thought me about mental health so I registered my depression as 'abnormally sad' . Which is why I think mental health needs to be taught in school, teach students how to take care of their mental health before anything else.When nobody educate kids about anxiety and depression, they can only express it by frustration or hiding it away, and that only makes their condition worst.

Some things are negligible compared to real depression or serious anxiety, but you don't have to wait until it is too late to show concern for people around you. I guess what I'm saying is, there is no need for wait for the right time or place to show a little TLC, you don't need drastic circumstances to shine a spotlight on mental health.

Throw kindness around like confetti, love a little louder!

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